The Dishwasher Filtration System will make your cloudy, filmy dishes spotless guaranteed!

Get the results that thousands of people are already enjoying. Guaranteed to leave your dishes spot free and cleaner than ever. Many people assume the white spots and film left on dishes is the result of a faulty or outdated dishwasher when in fact the problem is actually hard water. Calcium and magnesium found in hard water are the reasons for these spots. The Dishwasher Filtration System reduces or removes these minerals from the water leaving your dishes crystal clean with every load.

Avoid embarrassing moments while entertaining guests by providing them with spot and film free clean dishes. No one wants to drink out of a glass that appears dirty and grimy. After all, the whole purpose of a dishwasher is to save you time but if you have to rewash your dishes by hand after each load you are actually wasting more time.


Its easy to install and fits right under your sink!

Installation is quick and easy!!! Hooks up to your hot water line in minutes! The system comes with complete installation directions and the install takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do. The Dishwasher Filtration System is about a foot tall and 5 inches wide. It will fit right under your sink and doesnt take up much room at all.

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Assure clean dishes for you and your family!

The Dishwasher Filtration System reduces or removes many impurities from your water, so you can be certain your dishes are as clean as possible. Concerned parents can be confident that infants and toddlers are using clean, residue free baby bottles, sippy cups, dishes, and utensils because they are washed and rinsed with clean, filtered water.


Hear what Customers are Saying!

"I just had to comment.... I was really skeptical the difi was going to do the wonderous things shown on your website but upon first use, I almost kealed over in shock. The difference in my dishwasher's performance is miraculous! No more running multiple cycles to try and get the result I now get with difi in just 1 cycle. It does render sparkling clean dishes! Thank you so, so much!"
Nicolette in CA
"Welcome to "You recently sent me the DiFi...I am soooooo happy with it. I absolutely could not believe the difference it made. I have had embarrassingly cloudy dishes because of the hard water in our town. I took some pictures of the difference. Thank you, your product is soooo great."
Desiree in Canada
"I just wanted to tell you that I am really, really pleased with the results from the dishwasher filter. We were ready to buy a new dishwasher but now it's working better than ever. Great product. Easy to install!"
Jerry in CA
"In addition to not seeing the white film on our dishes any longer, the white film that was on the interior of our stainless steel dishwasher seems to be going away! This is great news. This is a great product! "
Joe in CA
"WOW! This product is awesome. I just moved to a new house last year in a small town and the water has a lot of calcium. My dishes started looking extremely bad. I actually had to wipe them down with a rag before using. Just after a few washes they are like new again. I don't even have build up on the inside of the washer or door. Thanks!"
Greg in TX

Extend the life of your Dishwasher!

Along with spot free dishes The Dishwasher Filtration System also will extend the life of your dishwasher. Build up can occur over time in your dishwasher's mechanical parts that can lead to costly repairs. The Dishwasher Filtration System reduces calcium, rust and sediments minimizing build ups to keep your dishwasher running smoother for longer.


Save detergent, Save the world!

Hard water and dishwasher detergent do not mix well. If you have hard water, you probably have to use more soap to get your dishes clean and excess soap contributes to unsightly and unhealthy residue. The softened, filtered water from The Dishwasher Filtration System mixes much better with the detergent resulting in better cleaning and rinsing and you can use less detergent. Not only is this great for your pocketbook, but it's good for the environment. You also will not need any rinse agents when using our system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with The Dishwasher Filtration System you can return it within 30 Days, No Questions Asked!

DiFi Home Filtration System DiFi Commercial Filtration System
DiFi Home Filtration SystemDiFi Commercial Filtration System

Reduces calcium, magnesium, rust and sediments from your water leaving your dishes spot free with every load. This system is for use in your home dishwasher unit.

Reduces calcium, magnesium, rust and sediments from your water leaving your dishes spot free with every load. This system is for use in high volume commercial dishwasher units.